About Me


Pamela Morris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, an Associates of Occupational Science degree from New York College of Health Professions, and a New York State License in Massage Therapy. She comes from a unique experiential background that spans from one end of the spectrum to the other: As a former educator, she prides herself in her ability to not only treat clients, but to also teach them about their conditions, how they can improve their health, reduce pain and discomfort, and maintain a better level of functioning. As a former corporate executive and manager, she understands how to manage all aspects of a business, including marketing, advertising, file maintenance, and community/public relations. Having been employed by varying health care establishments over the years, and with a fervent passion for continuous learning and development, Pamela has the knowledge and experience to treat each individual client according to their medical needs. Working with and serving a wide variety of people in many different places and situations brings a distinct, well-rounded perspective for her business ownership and service in health and wellness.